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We are Prime Golf Shop, developer and sole U.S. distributor of AimingPro. We are a golf products distributing company. Our mission is to provide the most reliable and highest quality golf equipment to golfers across the nation. Our newest and most innovative product AimingPro has received favorable attention from various golf advocates, from professional players to critics to golf retail businesses, and we are excited to share this game-changing device with you. 

Through AimingPro, our goal is to help golfers achieve their best games by improving their performance on the field. AimingPro is the world's first golf-aiming device that uses motion sensor and rotation algorithm technology to provide precise aim throughout the game of golf. This super lightweight device conveniently clips onto your belt and accurately aligns your position to the flag so that you are able to hit the straightest and shortest distance to the target. 

Developed by some of the greatest engineers in South Korea, AimingPro has been an incredible sensation that swept the golf industry in S. Korea as well as parts of Asia. The simple mechanics of AimingPro allow both amateur and professional golfers to conveniently implement the device during range practices as well as on the field. We hope that with our product, golfers cross the nation and globally will achieve their most satisfactory performances in golf.



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